Open Value Microsoft

Microsoft Open Value enables to purchase constant (termless) licenses for last versions of Microsoft software. The payment is effected in equal shares during years till expiration of the agreement. The program is available for clients who want to purchase 5 or more licenses for any products. Due to considerable discount for “standardization”, this program is favorable for the clients who are ready to license basic products of all PC in the organization.

Microsoft Open Value advantages

Minimal one-time expenditures for software purchase: the payment is effected in the form of annual payments, it enables to eliminate problem of floating assets lack.

Single electronic agreement for one organization: it is more convenient to manage licenses and implement additional orders.

All affiliated persons are included in the agreement for centralization of purchases and license management.

Right for the latest Microsoft software products versions that will be released during these 3 years of agreement validity (Software Assurance) and all previous versions. There is no need to control used version and it results in decrease of administrative expenditures and unplanned costs for new versions purchasing.

Substantial discount are provided in case of purchasing licenses for desk application, client access licenses for all PC stock.

Expenditures control for software purchase in case of entire PC stock licensing – cost of license for one PC basic products is invariable during the agreement term. Software Assurance automatic option secures from probable rise in price caused by new versions release.

Software Assurance also includes such additional advantages as: personnel training, technical support, access to TechNet resources and many others, also it guarantees efficient usage of purchased software.

Decrease of non-licensed software usage risk. During Open Value agreement term the client is entitled to use licensed products on any computers in the organization, including new PC, added in the frames of the agreement terms providing the order is placed in the installation month.

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