Trassir - efficient video surveillance

TRASSIR digital surveillance system – is one of the most functional video monitoring and archiving systems, efficient instrument of intelligent video analysis and recognition. TRASSIR up-to-date technologies are beneficial and profitable.

Application spheres of TRASSIR security system

ActivePOS – module of cash registers control TRASSIR ActivePOS. Integration with majority of popular trade systems. ActiveSearch – interactive search in archive technology. Movement search is accomplished due to the specified characteristics (using detector SIMT) or in the specified frame area.

Active Dome – module of interactive rotary cameras running  SpeedDome. The module replaces control panel and enables to use video camera at all its capacity. The module also speeds up the management process and increases efficiency of the system.

Active Dome Plus – automatic management of rotary cameras without operator’s actions. SpeedDome  video cameras complements the goals of the company. Detector SIMT is needed additionally for proper operation.

TRASSIR ActiveDome

Movement detector SIMT – is an excellent object movement detector for video analytics. It marks out any objects under severe weather conditions, selects goals due to the motion, nature of motion, sizes and speed.

AutoTRASSIR Auto-TRASSIR™ 4.0 – license plates recognition system, it combines an excellent recognition level with minimum adjustments and high performance.

TRASSIR CMS – video recorders and IP video equipment centralized monitoring software. It is a perfect solution for controlling DVR in automatic teller machines, in remote offices, fuel stations with using any communication channels including GSM/GPRS.

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