Security system Intellect


Intellect – is multifunctional open hardware-software platform for provision of complex security of any scale – from small store up to multistage system “Safe city”.

Security system Intellect gives opportunity to provide audio and video surveillance, to connect the wide range of specialized guard and account equipment, to adjust of parameters, to run equipment and software (audio and video capture, video surveillance cameras, domed controlled video cameras, telemetry equipment, controllers of protective sensors and relay outputs). Availability of built-in service functions simplifies and makes work with system highly efficient.

Intellect combines all security systems into sole software-only complex with wide range of facilities:

  • Full-function video surveillance system.
  • Full complex of audio control including telephone lines.   
  • Integrability with any equipment
  • Video servers;
  • Network video cameras;
  • Scales: truck, crane, laboratory, trade, goods;
  • Moisture analyzer;
  • Cash registers, PPO, fiscal recorder;
  • Controller;
  • Industrial sensors of temperature, pressure, linear sizes;
  • Actuating mechanisms: locks, barriers, gates, screen drivers.
  • Integrability with accounting programs:   
  • 1C: Enterprise, Trade and warehouse;
  • Electronic point of sale server;
  • Photo identification and determination of car tags;
  • Time sheet;
  • Full-function control system over multiguard alarm;
  • Prompt warning;
  • Full-function system of organization and running of access control;
  • Facility for remote tuning and running of security system’s equipment;
  • Journaling of security system’s events and responses;
  • Video surveillance via pocket computer or mobile phone;
  • Huge range of the security system.
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