Moisture and dust protection (IP)

For indication the level of the protection from environmental impact, IP code system is used according to IEC 529-89. Protection level is encoded as IP XY, where X – level of protection from solids and dust, Y – from moisture. 

Protection level

Protection from solids

Protection from moisture


No protection

No protection


Protection from solids Ø > 50 mm

Protection from water drops falling upright


Protection from solids Ø > 12 mm

Protection from water drops falling at angle of 15 degrees towards to vertical plane


Protection from solidsØ > 2,5 mm

Protection from rain falling at angle of 60 degrees towards to vertical plane


Protection from solidsØ > 1 mm

Protection from water splashes randomly falling


The penetration of dust doesn't cause disturbance of product (system) operability.

 Protection from water jet randomly disposing, Water jet from nozzle at 12.5 liter/min doesn't have any adverse impact


No dust penetration

Protection from strong water jet randomly disposing. Water jet from the nozzle at 100 liter-min doesn't have any adverse impact.


Is not provided

Protection from temporary flood. If the case is immersed to the depth from 0.15 to 1 m during 30 minutes, water in quantities harmful for internal devices, is not to penetrate in.


Is not provided

Protection from the water penetration during immersing to the depth determined by the producer.


Is not provided

Special protection determined by the producer

You must know protection level of the equipment when you choose: crane scales, trade balances, data terminals, bar code scanners, video surveillance cameras, weigh detectors, weigh terminals etc.

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