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The problem of removal, sorting and disposal of municipal solid waste is quite a complex and in many countries still unsolved global task. One of the subtasks of disposing solid household waste is accounting disposal of solid household waste.

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The economic feasibility of projects for the disposal and processing of solid household waste can be forgotten without the organization of normal and complete accounting.

Problems in the management system for the disposal of solid waste

  1. There is no accurate and complete database of customers and equipment used (garbage containers).
  2. There is no way to control cash flows. Money is often paid to drivers of garbage trucks.
  3. There is no way to track and control the process of garbage collection.

To solve the main task of accounting, it is necessary to divide it into several subtasks.

  1. Accounting and control of the reception of municipal solid waste at the landfill.
  2. Accounting and control of reception of solid household waste from customers - individuals and organizations.

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At the landfill, it is important to ensure accounting of the cargo brought to the site, as well as monitoring compliance with the procedure for receiving and processing solid household waste (wireless video surveillance).


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The ability to control should be both at the site, and remotely, for example, from the municipal office.

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The task of accounting and control at the landfill is solved with the help of system integration: video surveillance, vehicle identification, truck scales and accounting software (often this is the 1C accounting program).

Properly configured and configured system allows you to fully solve the problem of accounting and control of the disposal of solid waste at the landfill.

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At the same time, the collusion and utilization of left cargo, export with overload, the reception of "unfamiliar" vehicles from solid household waste are prevented.

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Accounting for municipal solid waste is carried out by tonnage, and not by bodywork. Weighing solid waste will not allow drivers to trick, and then they will take out all the garbage. We adapt the flexible accounting program to each client individually.

In the system of accounting for municipal solid waste, any type of scale can be used: from automobile to commercial.

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Advantages of automated accounting for disposal of solid household waste

  1. Accurate customer base.
  2. Reliable database of equipment used.
  3. Control of the process of removal and disposal of garbage.
  4. Adaptable for each client accounting program.

When building a system, it is enough just to evaluate the economic effect and feasibility

  1. Weight automation allows reducing time for weighing and paperwork from 15 minutes to 5 minutes, which contributes to increasing the throughput capacity of the municipal solid waste collection station to ... vehicles per day, utilization and recycling volumes, respectively, and the company's revenues increase by ... UAH per day (month , year).
  2. Prevention of collusion between the guard, the weigher and the driver - not a registered cargo - from UAH 2800 per vehicle. Moreover, such unformed goods and cars can be quite a lot.
  3. Preventing overload or underload - from 500 UAH per weighing.

The task of accounting and controlling the reception of solid household waste from customers is solved by integrating into the unified complex other accounting and control automation systems: GPS navigation and RFID tags. Usually, based on the experience of foreign companies, this problem is solved at the second stage of automation of accounting for municipal solid waste, that is, after the system of accounting and control at the landfill has fully started.

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