Inventory on the basis of MOSkit software

Inventory on the basis of the data terminal CASIO and software MOSkit

Inventory automation: data terminals CASIO and software complex MOSkit

MOSkit – monitoring of fixed assets, software and hardware kit.

Your enterprise is expanding and developing. Soon it will be difficult for you to answer the questions: How many computers do you have? Where are traveling laptop and projector now? We have recently purchased new computer for accounting department, why should it be changed? Which fixed assets are belong to this or that employee? What property or equipment must be in this or that room? Some fixed assets can be non-registered and even non-marked.

In order to answer these questions, it is necessary to take stock of all the fixed assets. And in order to do it, it is necessary to implement automated fixed assets accounting system.

Attention please, this solution can be implemented easily and quickly, it instantly results in economic efficiency. This is very simple and reasonable solution, not MRP and not ERP.

The solution structure and general operation scheme

Terminal part functions

Server part functions

Sequence of actions

Implementation effect

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