Automation of cafés, bars, restaurants

Restaurant is special establishment. The waiter's glance, sommelier's smile, decoration of the hall and glitter of glasses, exquisite cuisine and mice music create the atmosphere the customer will be returning for again and again.

Service in the restaurant is crucial key for success. That's why when dishes are serving, the client perceives them according to already formed impression of the establishment.

 At the first glance restaurant business seems to be creative; to think over stylish interior, to cook unique dishes, to order uniform for personnel... But this creative process hides no less important process – economic and financial activity of the establishment.

The main task for the owner is choosing of automation system, which enables arrange and control the restaurant activity (instant registration) of operations, accounting, increase in speed and quality of service, reduction of abuses.



Software for automation of restaurant operation:

You can chose equipment for automation of the restaurant, compare models, select according to characteristics and purchase at our web site, go to the appropriate section of the product catalogue: POS-terminals, POS-printers, Bar code scanners. Don't forget about weighing accounting of products, scales can be bought on these sections: “Retail scales”, “Packaging scales”.

Please, pay attention, except implementation of computer accounting system, administrative, organising and financial schemes of the business must be developed. Our partner “H-aRt” company will help you with it. Initial course can be ordered at our web site - “Management of finance at the enterprise: optimization, automation”. If project is fully developed and automation system is connected to developed and efficient administrative-financial scheme, chances for success and prosperity increase significantly.

Purchasing of software and equipment for automation of personnel's operation is not expenditure but investments. Automation system will provide efficient management and will positively influence on the finance of your enterprise. If you are owner of the restaurant or bar, our offer is for you.

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