Accounting in production and warehouses

Practically every modern manufacturing enterprise has at its disposal areas designated for the storage of products. However, warehouse logistics is often the “weak” link in the business. The solution of key tasks is possible by automating accounting in production and stock. This allows you to minimize the routine manual labor.

There is a list of products on the production. Each product type is assigned a barcode.

Учет на производстве и складах

To put on record production, we choose the right name, read the barcode, weigh the product and label it.

Учет на производстве и складах

Barcode that is not in the database of the accounting program is not read. The printer will print a label - "Item not found."

Учет по штрих-кодам

To account for warehouse or production requires the use of specialized equipment.  In particular, it is necessary to apply the method of identification of goods, that is, bar-coding system. The most popular equipment is the SK scanner. With it, you can convert a standard barcode to a textual representation.

We take products to warehouse number 1. At the entrance to the warehouse is equipped with an acceptance post with a scanner. We read the product barcode, the green light comes on and we bring the products to the warehouse. About the erroneous reading of the bar code will inform the red light.

It’s not possible to read the same bar code twice.

Автоматизация на производстве и складах

On our automation systems, we give a guarantee of results, as well as economic feasibility.

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