Automation of the fixed assets inventory

First of all let's clarify the meaning of “fixed assets inventory”. Inventory of the fixed assets is inspection of correspondence of fixed assets with the information in the accounts. The fixed assets of the enterprise are all the material assets (instruments, equipment etc) that are used in production process or rendering services with exploitation term more than 1 year.

In order to check the correspondence of the fixed assets availability according to the documents, the inventory is required. To accomplish the inventory, all the fixed assets must be marked. How can we do this? We offer modern and simple way of the fixed assets marking. With the help of label printer we print labels with bar-code, which includes the title, inventory number and location of each item of the fixed assets. We apply th printed labels with the help of labelling-gun. It is easy-to-use device for sticking labels without effort.

When it is time to accomplish the inventory, the process will be easy. We take data collection terminal and scan all the bar-codes on the fixed assets.

Than we unload them into the database by connecting the data collection terminal to the PC. The result of inventory is obtained in a second, having compared the received data of the fixed assets with that is stored in the PC.

With the help of data collection terminal the inventory can be accomplished remotely, i.e. at subsidiaries situated in another city. Having scanned all the bar-codes of the fixed assets at the subsidiary, we can adjust the data transmitting so that the inventory results would be transmitted from the data collection terminal to the database of the head office over the Internet.

Thereby, the employees of the remote subsidiary will not be able to change the results of the fixed assets inventory.

Above-mentioned variant of the fixed assets inventory allows to increase efficiency and authenticity of the accounting, reduce influence of human factor and cuts down the expenditures.

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