Automatic identification systems

Automatic identification systems

Automatic identification systems are divided by the type of used technology: bar codes, radio frequency identification, object recognition on video, chips, mag stripe, biometrics.

Bar codes

Barcoding technology is the most common and affordable technology. Bar codes are used to identify goods, documents, passes, driver's licenses (US), identity cards, packages. The standardization and assignment of international barcode codes is done by the GS1 organization.

Считывание линейного штрих-кода документа

RFID technology

The second most accessible and widely used technology is Radio Frequency Identification. The most common access system passes, access system charms. RFID is gaining in popularity for products and product packaging - EPC (Electronic Product Code). Widely used automatic identification system of transport, combined with the GPS-GLONASS receiver. This system is mainly used in shipping.

For food products - paper labels with RFID chips.

Бумажные этикетки с RFID микросхемами

For accounting in aqua parks and amusement parks - silicone RFID bracelets with chips inside.

RFID браслет

 Cars automatic identification by RFID tags

The system provides prompt retrieval of data on the location of cars on control points. It can be used in conjunction with railway scales to automate the weighing operation.

Automatic vehicle identification system

Automatic Video Identity

There are several directions in the field of video identification: recognition of license plates and recognition of railway train cars numbers, recognition of objects, recognition of objects, recognition and verification (comparison with a standard) of objects.

License plate recognition

For recognition of vehicle numbers in video surveillance systems, specialized modules are used - in Intellect this is a “Hurricane” Slow-1, in Trassir - AutoTRASSIR LPR-1-30

Recognition of railway train numbers

SW "railway-Intellect-1" for recognition of car numbers, license for 1 video channel

Automatic identification systems are constantly being developed and improved. Technologies are mutually integrated to achieve the best effect from the application.

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