Successfully completed project at the FH "BLAHOVISHCHENSKE", which is located in the Novotroitsk district, Kherson region.

Автомобильные весы 80 тонн

The farm is grown cereal, industrial, cucurbits, vine crops.

There is an urgent problem of accounting weighing products at the enterprise. It is necessary to know the correct weight of the cut yield.

In addition to their harvest, FH "Blagoveshchenskoye" is buying grain crops from nearby farms.

Автомобильные весы 80 тонн

Many years ago the farm had already established inaccurate mechanical scales . They are went out of style and physically outdated.

The platform was short and did not inadequate for length. Eventually, it deformed and because of this the weight of the weighed cargo was with raw error.

The LEL of mechanical scales was only 60 tons, and for agricultural enterprises this is not enough.

For trading, it is imperative to know the correct weight. Weighing the grain "by-sight" is very expensive, because we are talking about thousands hryvnias. The solution of this problem was the purchase truck scales.

For weighing loaded lorries, were produced and installed the truck scales 18 meters in length and with maximum weighing limit - 80 tons.

In place of the old foundation for truck scales poured a new one. While it settled, new truck scales had already been produced. The installation of the scales took only 3 days.

Весы автомобильные 80 т

On truck scales 18 meters in length can be weighed utility cars and lorries, tractors and trailers.

Автомобильные весы 80 тонн

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