Intellect-video control in the warehouses of TOP company.

New stage in development of inventory control system in the wholesale warehouses of “Top Company” – video control over orders packaging and shipping.

Video surveillance system is based on the “Intellect” platform with using of POS-modules for controlling operations in the 1C program.

While packing the order, the employee scans preliminary selected goods with the help of bar code scanner. Data from the bar code scanner is transmitted to the accounting system on the basis of 1C: Enterprise and to the video surveillance system. With the help of POS-module of the “Intellect” system, 1C events are connected to the video surveillance. In such a way the archive of the events is formed.

If there are any differences or questions about video surveillance system “Intellect” you may choose the products you are interested in or particular orders, also you may look over the products having been packed. Moreover, you may analyze the integrity of the product – whether it was damaged before packaging or during transporting.


As we have mentioned, video server is based on the video surveillance system “Intellect” and PC: video capture card “Intellect Video E2”, computer, video cameras STS-C-116.


The essential part of the “Intellect” system is system core, besides, POS-modules and remote working place are set. Also in video surveillance server assembling, OEM-version of OS Windows XP Prof was installed. We always point out the necessity of using the licensed software and Top company is an example to follow!

The main functions of the system:

The client is planning to expand video surveillance system in the warehouse and equip working places with POS-video systems. By the way, the distinctive features of the “Intellect” system are flexibility and prompt opportunities of expansion, build-up and ranging – everything is easy and quickly.If needed, the number of channels and shots in second can me increased, additional modules and working places can be installed, IP-servers can be connected etc. The flexibility of the “Intellect” system is unique!

About our client


«Top» company was founded in 1998 in Dnepropetrovsk. Now “TOP” - is one of the leading stationery producer and wholesale trader in Ukraine.

There are such subsidiaries in the company:

The company sells the goods of own production and imports under its own trademarks:

Besides, “TOP” is official distributor of well-known Russian factories “Luch” and “Gamma” manufacturing products for children creativity.


11 Kashtanovaya Street, Dnepropetrovsk, 49051, Ukraine.


Telephone: (056)7900708, (056)7900709,



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