POS-Intellect in the shop Svitanok

On the next stage automation of trade process and security system operation in the shop Svitanok, the Vostok Company has set hardware-software complex “POS-Intellect”.

Components of the system POS-Intellect:

Principle of the system POS-Intellect operation is following: information about sales from cash register MINI 500.02 ME goes to the KKM serverPrinciple of the system POS-Intellect operation is following: information about sales from cash register MINI 500.02 ME goes to the KKM server. So for working with “1C: Trade and warehouse”, server records file of trade operations and at the time server passes data into “POS-Intellect” module. Video surveillance system is adapted to record fragments of events and movements in the frames.

Integration of surveillance system “Intellect” with the program “server KKM” gives opportunity of POS-video monitoring not only indoors super- and hypermarkets but also in the not-large sized stores: shops, branch pharmacy, jewelry section etc.

System can be easily expanded and scaled: you have to buy appropriate licenses for expansion. Besides, system can be completed with event service modules, fixed fire and burglar alarms, recording and handling of audio information: working places of cashiers, goods managers, telephone lines etc. Perhaps, the main advantage of the system POS-Intellect is facility to search and analyze events, and automation of its handling. For example during stocktaking we find out shortage of several drinks bottles. Administrator of shop enters period of searching (day, week, any time range), and code (bar code) of merchandise, system is handling request as a result all sales of that period are selected. You need only to look at chosen fragments and to find mistake. It can be actually salesman’s mistake but if it is swindle, for example client pays money for two bottles, but take three ones. Naturally such cases not only damage property but also injury psychologically: two or three cases of shortage make waves of distrust, nervousness and suspiciousness to each other. Personnel is interested not in the customers and off takes but in relationships in the organization. Valuable element of corporate culture can be lost when this culture provides forming of staff command that makes high profit. We should mention sanctions for selling merchandises to under age customers. When you use system you can adjust selection of events by groups of products, alcoholic or tobacco. Administrator of store can check up if sale men break trading rules. And in the case of breach, careless worker will receive a reprimand from administrator.

 We made insignificant part of examples about the POS-Intellect system’s facilities. If you are interested in such systems, we can organize demonstration of all system’s nuances in our office. For this you have to make preliminary request.

Besides delivery, installation and adjustment of system in the Svitanok Shop, specialists of the Vostok Company provided instructions and training of the personnel (administrator and experts on merchandise), gave consultations and recommendations about exploitation and facility of the system in whole. Besides, The Vostok Company provides technical and consulting support: constant backup service of surveillance POS-Intellect system.

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