Kharkiv Asphalt Plant "Parking +"

Our customer for the automation of accounting has become the enterprise for the production of asphalt and concrete "Parking +" in Kharkov. The main products of the plant Parking Plus - asphalt concrete, bitumen emulsion, screenings, rubble. Plus, the company provides services: road construction and landscaping.

The main tasks of automation operational accounting

  1. Reduction of the human factor.
  2. Accelerating the work of weight operators.
  3. Increased bandwidth.

Харьковский асфальтный завод «Паркинг+»

"Parking +" - asphalt and сoncrete manufacturing. The asphalt plant is located in Kharkov, located in an industrial area. The main task of the customer is the automation of accounting for automobile weights. In winter, our specialists made an exit presentation for the employees of the IT department and financial director of the company. In addition to demonstrating the capabilities of the accounting automation system, Vostok specialists familiarized themselves with the main business processes that are associated with the metering and weighing of raw materials and products of the asphalt plant, and conducted an audit of the document flow.

According to the results of the presentation, business analysis and discussion of the possibilities of upgrading and finalizing the system to the requirements of the customer, a positive decision was made to launch the automation project into operation.

Паркинг плюс работа

The winter season is a unique “quiet” time for conducting a business analysis on an asphalt concrete plant. The company "Parking +" is in standby mode and the equipment is waiting for the beginning of the season. You can safely study magazines, documents, conduct employee surveys and discuss the nuances of workstations (AWP).

Паркинг + (Parking Plus) асфальтный завод Харьков

According to the results of the excursion, the discussion of the problem and the display of examples of solutions at the demonstration stand, it was decided to automate the accounting on two truck scales with work in a semi-automatic mode.

Автомобильные весы асфальтный завод

With the arrival of spring, the work at the Parking Plus plant has begun to boil at full capacity and we have begun to implement the automation project. Accounting for asphalt pavement begins with production. The company processes the applications of construction companies, forms production batches and distributes the receipt queue. In addition to the weight of asphalt, it is necessary to keep records of the lots and control the temperature of the products shipped.

Асфальтные заводы Харькова

Product accounting through truck scales. Traffic control is provided for traffic.

Асфальтобетонный завод учет продукции

Specialists of the Vostok company set up control of the shipment using the "Trassir" video surveillance system. Solutions were debugged very quickly and only accelerated the work of the plant. And it works almost around the clock. The program for accounting and control of asphalt plants offered by Vostok is a complex of several types of software and equipment integration into this complex. It is not possible to solve all the tasks of accounting and control on an asphalt concrete plant with any one software product.

асфальт Харьков

Crushed stone, bitumen and other materials are delivered to the plant by rail. Asphalt production is carried out using the modern Ammann mixer.

Асфальтобетонный завод

The whole project was carried out in stages. The customer plans to develop the system and the organization of a full account at the enterprise. The second stage of the project. In the design department, a model of the accounting and video surveillance system was created, a cabinet with control and coordination equipment was assembled. As soon as the equipment was ready for installation, our specialists left for the site.


Асфальтный завод автоматизация

Hibernation at the plant "Parking +" was no longer observed - road works in full swing. After winter, it is necessary to patch a lot of holes, update kilometers of roads. Every day, the plant ships up to 240 cars with asphalt of various categories.

Видеонаблюдение автомобильная весовая асфальтного завода Паркинг плюс

Our specialists carried out work on installing the cabinet in the weight room, installed a video surveillance system, as well as a traffic light to control the movement of vehicles on truck scales.


We are often asked to move "tracing" from similar objects. As accounting specialists with over twenty years of experience, we declare that “tracing paper” and “box solutions” work extremely inefficiently. You can not just take and copy the solution from the object.

Who has already encountered the implementation of 1C from the "box" (regardless of the configuration of UT, UTP or UPP) already know that the boxed solution requires implementation and substantial refinement for each specific enterprise. To get the maximum effect from the introduction of software and accounting automation systems, an individual approach is needed for each enterprise and, moreover, for each business process! Only in this case, the system will work like a clock and bring maximum benefit.

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