Farm holding "Orbita"

A comprehensive automation project at the farm holding "Orbita". Our experts once again brilliantly completed the project. Next, a small photo report.

Preparatory work in the office. Check all equipment connection. At the facility, the customer should not have any unforeseen situations.

The cameras were located throughout the territory and the most significant (responsible) places.

Установка камер на объекте

Team at work! Accuracy of performance of work at height.

ФХ «Орбита»

And here is the result of high-altitude work, work on the connection and configuration of all video surveillance cameras and equipment.

Automated workplace "Weigher"

The employee is removed from the mechanical routine load and he can effectively perform management, organizational and accounting functions. Thanks to the integration of automobile scales, the accounting program and the video surveillance system, the employee from the “operator” moves to a higher level of work and responsibility - the “weight manager”, without reducing the speed and quality of work. From a simple “paper logger” he becomes a manager - manages the processes of weighing products (processing queues, tasks, route sheets), distribution by storage, with control by video surveillance.

Автоматизация бизнеса

Автоматизация бизнеса

Farm holding "Orbita" Nikolaev region. Сontacts: 051 689 1742; 051 689 2988; 067 511 2426. E-mail:


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