Video surveillance system in elite-club Russkaya Pyramida

    The Vostok company developed and performed mounting of video surveillance system in elite-club “Russkaya Pyramida”

The client set such goals: perform systematic control over the number of the customers, monitor the events happening in the parking and on the summer terrace.

For achieving these goals, the Vostok company set eight video cameras. Club administrator's personal computer with installed board Patriot Pro-8 was used as a video server. In such a configuration video surveillance system Patriot Pro-8 Smart is for eight video cameras with capture rate 6 frames/sec. Such a speed is enough to get efficient control, also the system creates the archive of sufficient depth and self-descriptiveness (up to one month).

Video surveillance system Patriot Pro-8 Smart has high resolution of video subsystem (704576) and algorithm of frame compression with information searching by changes in the frame. That very function is for searching of necessary information, controlling and accounting of everything happening, for example the amount of the customers in the hookah room, operation of the billiard tables, barman's work.

About our client

Elite-club “Russkaya pyramida” offers its guests an excellent rest in elegant and stunning atmosphere. Guests may enjoy – billiard, bar, hookah room.


16 Yangelya Street, Dnepropetrovsk.

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