Video surveillance system for greenhouse farming

Video surveillance system for greenhouses is used for controlling and accounting in greenhouse farming  .  -

Total product accounting in the greenhouse presents some difficulty. Video surveillance cameras control workers' movements, gathering of the harvest, weighing. In the same manner video cameras control the territory around the greenhouse – perimeter and parking.

Video surveillance cameras in the greenhouse are connected to the video recorder – it is the cheapest, the most reliable and efficient solution. Except for the place control, video recorder allows conducting remote surveillance and looking through the archive.

Ventilation, heating and water supply – process controlling and monitoring system is used for managing, controlling and accounting. Various sensors and counters are connected to the process controlling and monitoring system. System controllers collect the data and manage actuating mechanisms – ventilators, Venetian blinds, watering pumps. Ventilation and temperature regime are selected and supported separately according to the type of growing crops.

Accounting in the greenhouses can be established by using specially designed automation system.


Specific materials which can stand up to the moisture conditions and chemical treatment (watering, fertilizers) are necessary for labels and tags.

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