Patriot video surveillance system at car wash Carting

Video surveillance system “Patriot” at the car wash “Carting” (Dnepropetrovsk)Video surveillance system “Patriot” at the car wash “Carting” (Dnepropetrovsk)

The Vostok Company has set seven video cameras and one personal video camera Samsung SIR 4150P at the car wash. Control over personnel and administrator of the car wash is performed with the help of video cameras. PC with Patriot Pro-8 Smart card is used as video surveillance server.

Video surveillance system “Patriot” at the car wash provides the most prompt and efficient control: number of washed car, which works were performed and how much time did it take. Besides boxes of the car wash, video cameras control also stands of wheel alignment, balancing adjustment and tuning boxes, coffee bar. Besides control over personnel, video surveillance system “Patriot” helps to react quickly in conflicts and arguable situations, for example: what things were taken out the car during cleaning of passenger compartment (mats, covers etc), who came near the car, and what he did. Highly sensitive outdoor camera SIR 4150 with infrared searchlight gives opportunity to control the parking in front of the car wash efficiently day and night. In the day time, camera provides qualitative detailed color image, at night – detailed and qualitative but black-and-white image.

As a result, quality of work has improved, daily receipts have been increased either. For remote control of the administration, video surveillance system of the car wash was connected through the Internet to the remote customer at notebook, and also with the help of Mobile License on the mobile phone.

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Car wash “Carting” offers next services:

Qualitative washing, polishing, dry-cleaning of cars with help of special agents from Switzerland and Germany;

Wheel alignment (computer laser stand)

Tire fitting and balancing adjustment, toning of car, installation of alarm and audio systems.

Hours of service: 08:00 – 20:00

On Fridays – round-the-clock

Contacts: Dnepropetrovsk,  3-A, Osennya Street

Phone number: (0562) 34-90-35, (056) 377-44-99

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