Automation of clothing stores chain

Chain of clothing stores. Automation of selling and accounting in clothing stores

The client set such goals: accounting of clothing arrival and consumption: sizes, types, colors, articles, easiness of the system operation, capability of the data transmitting between retail stores situated in different Ukrainian cities. Personal computers with connected bar code scanners and label thermal printers were used as working places, also communication was arranged through the wireless Internet. For accounting we offered the popular platform on the basis of 1C 7.7: trade and stock for Ukraine.

Accounting of clothes according to the characteristics

Supplied configuration 1C: “Management of product range” was developed by our programmers for trading activity in the small clothing store, taking into account specifications of clothes and shoes as nomenclature, for example: the same title but different sizes, colors etc.

Sales management. Automation and sales management. Prompt accounting and sales management are extremely important for clothing stores – sales recording is closely related to purchasing, controlling of stocks, purchasing of the stocks,salaries calculations, trade and balance accounting.

Other configuration features are: operation with trade equipment – bar code scanner, receipt thermal printer for graphic and text modes, thermal transfer printer for bar code labels, registration of the batches, revaluation, group stock inventory, simplified mutual settlement with suppliers, clients, data exchange between main base and its subsidiaries.

Sales analysis

In exchanging data with the subsidiary, only actual data for this subsidiary is retrieved, not the copy of the main base as in the case of typical component 1C: Management of distributed databases, it helps to reduce the amount of the transmitted data and information volume that the operator-cashier works with at his working place of the subsidiary. One of the main configuration features is easy development of peripheral bases from the main one, it allows the client to create necessary amount of the store subsidiaries on his own.

Stores automation

For stores automation we have individual approach – taking into account specific features of store operation and plans to expand in future.

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