Video surveillance system for the agricultural enterprise

Video surveillance system for agricultural enterprise. Client is "Franko-terminal Ltd". In order to achieve objectives – control of the territory and guard of object, 14 video cameras were assembled, 3000 m of cable were laid, and basic video server and client workplace were designed and set.

The main component of the complex is hardware-software system “Video-IQ7” produced by Russian company ITV.

In installed configuration, video surveillance system “Video-IQ7 D16” is for 16 video cameras with capture rate up to 4 frames per second, it allows controlling situation with discrecity up to 250 ms. Actually it’s enough to control movement of transport on the enterprise territory, in the floor and at the entrance. Meanwhile, the system creates profound, informative, sizeable archive. System “Video-IQ7” has high resolution capability of video subsystem (704×576) and algorithm of frames compaction with minimal losses of quality Motion Wavlet. Other systems use out-of-date chip bt-878 of Fusion series designed by the Conexant Corporation in the end of 90s, while video surveillance system “Video-IQ7” is based on the other chip of Philips Company – one of the key leaders of the television market. Adapter module through the Internet was installed for provision of remote control from the office in the Dnepropetrovsk.

Video cameras Samsung SDC-415PD were installed in order to receive qualitative video information, control of movement on the enterprise territory, buildings, surveillance of adjoining territory and industrial shops.

We chose these video surveillance cameras because of high photosensitivity 0,002 lux and resolution up to 530 tvl. Also cameras of SDC series by Samsung are very qualitative. High photosensitivity is very important in the twilight and without lightning at night.

Video cameras are completed with objectives of SLA series by Samsung Company, objectives are made with the help of advanced manufacturing sciences: IR-filters and corrective filters.

Objectives Samsung of SLA series prevent decrease of image sharpness when lightning changes. Infrared objectives are made from special composite materials; it prevents weeping of optics by temperature differences. Embedded corrective filter with variable density of diameter minimizes decreases of image resolution in the dark. Along with infrared lens, quality of shooting in bad lightning is better.

Work was performed in compliance with stated schedule and desires of the client.

About client

The main activity of "Franko-terminal Ltd" is provision, storage, presales preparations (washing, peeling, sorting, prepacking, and packing), next sale and transportation of vegetables and fruit. You can find in-depth information about the company and its production at web site:

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