Complex project - "Svitanok" store

The Vostok Company has designed and implemented complex project of trade process and security automation in the Svitanok store

In the Svitanok store, video surveillance system (16 video cameras) was installed with computer and telephone network, insonation and warning system, accounting automation: five cash places, three jobsites of commodity expert and jobsite for accountant.

Video surveillance is dedicated server based on the Patriot Pro-16, 16 video cameras were installed for observation at the shop floor, for control over goods issue through the cash sites, inflow of goods to the warehouse and surveillance of the territory in front of the store. Video system Patriot is notable for reliability, economization in consuming of resources, excellent in video data processing and analysis of events.

Computer network consists of eight jobsites. Network is designed on the base of D-LINK DES-1008D; cable Siemon CM4-E2 was used for cabling. Out and in telephone communication is provided by ministation Panasonic KX-TEM824RU.

Insonation and warning system creates favorable atmosphere in the shop floors, promotes increasing amount of patrons – you would like to come back to the store again and again. As a result, audience of loyal consumers is being created. Steady musical atmosphere is created by system consisted of 36 loudspeakers Dynacord DL-94 and amplifier Omnitronic MP-180 build into the ceiling. Attenuators E-Vol 100 are used for volume control in each of zones (territory in front of the store, in the shop floors, accounting department and administration office).

It is no secret that the main thing for any store is accounting system. It is embedded on the base of the 1C: Enterprise 7.7. “Trade + Warehouse” program. Following jobsites were equipped:

All delivered PC are equipped with OS Windows XP Professional. Besides safe performance of computers, operational system provides security of the whole enterprise operation. Personal computers were connected to 220 V net through the uninterruptible power supplies APC UPS-525.

At the warehouse, merchandises with out producer’s bar codes are marked by label printer Zebra LP-2824. Accounting program generates necessary amount of labels by identification absence of the bar codes. Everything that commodity expert need to do is to check up bills of lading and confirm requests for printing of labels. Weight goods are being received to the warehouse with the help of scales CAS DB-60H, than goods are weighting and marking on the scales by the label printer CAS-LP15. Receipt and inventory of goods are performed with help of data terminals Casio-930. Software “Goods” is installed on the data terminal; it helps to perform all necessary merchandise accounts: receipt of goods to the warehouse, inventory, control over merchandise prices etc.

Besides delivery, mounting and adjustment of equipment, specialists of the Vostok Company have provided instructions and training for the personnel, gave consultation and recommendations about organization of store’s operation. Negotiated service, technical and consulting support, full warranty and post warranty services are performed.

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